Daily classes (after Maghrib)

We have an updated program of activities that are being run at the Canberra Masjid AFTER MAGHRIB:

Thursday: Know Your Deen –
Discuss and Understand Islamic Rulings with evidence by Sh Nouredine
Friday: al-Qur’aan – Read, Memorise, Understand & Apply (Study of Tafseer Ibn Katheer) by Br Anas
Saturday: Qur’aan Memorisation by Br ‘Ali Omar (brothers only) – all ages
Sunday: TBA
Monday: Learn Classical Arabic and memorise Ahadeeth by Sh. Nouredine
Tuesday: Various ‘aqeedah topics by Br Anas
Wednesday: Qur’aan – Recitation and Tajweed by Br Hashem (brothers) & Umm Ahmed (sisters) – all ages

EVERYDAY AFTER FAJR & ‘ISHA’: Ahadeeth and daily reminders after Fajr by Sh. Nouredine and others

No registeration is necessary and the classes may be joined at any time. For further details, please contact any member of the Executive Committee (see Contact Us page).

Authorised and organised by the Islamic Society of Australian Capital Territory (ISACT).

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