Daily Masjid classes (now resumed)

We have an updated program of activities that are being run at the Canberra Masjid after ‘Ishaa’ prayer:

Thursday: Qur’aan classes (Recitation and Tajweed) by Br Hashem (brothers) & Umm Ahmed (sisters) – all ages
Friday: al-Qur’aan – “The Divine Message” by Br Muhammad Imtiaz
Saturday: Qur’aan classes (Memorisation) by Br ‘Ali Omar (brothers only) – all ages
Sunday: “What does our Deen wants from us – Duties of a Believer” by Br Kamran Shafi
Tuesday: Various ‘aqeedah topics (brothers only)
Wednesday: Arabic Language for Beginners by Br Mekki Hashim (brothers only) – now resumed

Please register your interest by sending an Email to secretary@isact.org.au, using the Feedback Form or contacting any member of the Executive Committee (see Contact Us page). Alternatively, you can attend on the day to register.

Classes may be joined at any stage.

All text books are provided free of cost.

Organised by the Islamic Society of Australian Capital Territory (ISACT).

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