ISACT Membership

Membership renewals for the Islamic Society of ACT are due by the end of June and reminders have been sent to existing members. Since the Masjid remains closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, renewals will be processed through ISACT Membership email: Please refer to instructions in the email/letter reminder.

Membership fee is […]

New material YouTube

During this month of Ramadan we will, Inshallah, start a series of videos on our YouTube channel called “At Home with Br Abul Ehsan”. The first of these videos “Calamities” has just been uploaded:

Don’t forget the ACT Imam’s Council will be broadcasting their live stream on Saturday at 1pm: Rather than […]

Food packs available

Assalaamu’alaykum Brs and Sisters,

There are some food packs available inShaAllah to assist brothers and sisters and their families in need this Ramadaan in light of the current circumstances. These packs contain some staple groceries. Preference will be given to international students most impacted by the change in economic conditions.

If you know […]

YouTube Live Stream – Zakat – Saturday @ 1pm

The ACT Imams Council will, Inshallah, be hosting their next live stream from the Canberra Mosque this Saturday, 2 May at 1:00pm, on Zakat:

Please send questions or topic suggestions that you want the Imams to cover to the Islamic Society of ACT.


ISACT YouTube Channel

The Islamic Society of ACT has just opened its YouTube Channel here:

A video on the announcement of the start of Ramadan by the ACT Imams Council has already been published:

The ACT Imams Council will also host their first live stream this Saturday, 25 April at 1:00pm:

Keep an eye […]

Start of Ramadan 1441 AH – Friday, 24 April 2020

The Imams Council of ACT have met after Maghrib today at the Canberra Masjid and have declared that fasting for Ramadan 1441 AH will start on Friday, 24 April 2020, Inshallah.

A video of the announcement has been published on our YouTube channel:

Reminder that the Masjid continues to be closed due […]

Canberra Masjid – News and Updates – Sha’ban 1441 AH

Please read the latest news and updates here as published on 21 April 2020.


Start of Ramadhan fasting – 1441AH

The Imams Council of ACT will inshaAllah meet after Maghrib on Wednesday 22 April to announce the start of Ramadhan this year 1441AH.

The announcement will be made via SMS and website updates.

Fasting for Ramadhan is expected to start on 23 or 24 April 2020.

Please note the masjid remains closed […]

Rulings on offering Jumu’ah (Friday) prayers

Published: 2 Sha’ban 1441 AH / 26 March 2020

Given that the Canberra Masjid is closed until further notice, the advice from the Imam is to pray four raka’at Dhuhr by yourselves in your places. This is based on the Shafa’ee madhab he adheres to which requires a minimum of 40 people to hold […]

Canberra Masjid – closed until further notice

Published: 29 Rajab 1441 AH / 24 March 2020

Praise be to Allah.

Assalam’alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam.

It is with deep regret and sadness that we announce the closure of the Canberra Masjid until further notice. This […]