Canberra Masjid OPEN and in full operation

Assalam’alaykum Brothers and Sisters.


Canberra Masjid is alhamdulillah now open for Jumu’ah and five daily prayers. Please read below for the arrangements being availed until further notice:

Friday prayers (Jumu’ah) are led by the Imaam at 1.15 pm sharp.

• The five daily prayers are all held in a congregation (jama’ah).

 • No more than 150 worshippers are permitted inside the Masjid hall at any given time. Additional worshippers will be accommodated in other outdoor spaces around the Masjid inShaa’Allaah.

• Door for the main hall is closed once the capacity is reached inside.

• You must register your attendance upon entry using Check In Canberra app on your mobile phone.

• The Masjid hall may not be inaccessible at some times of the day when no authorised person is available to monitor safety and compliance, or for security reasons.

• The courtyard and outdoor shade of the Masjid is accessible at all times.

Health Measures:

Please wear masks to the Masjid.

Physical distancing is to be observed whilst at the Masjid at every possible opportunity.

• Please exercise good hand and respiratory hygiene including thorough and frequent washing of hands.

• Hand sanitisers and anti-bacterial hand washes are abundantly available for use.

• Please refrain from using the Masjid toilets if possible, and instead make wudu’ (ablution) at home.

• Pray Fard (obligatory) salah at the Masjid, and non-obligatory salah at home – this is the Sunnah!

• Sisters and young children are permitted to attend the Masjid but encouraged to pray at home – sisters’ salah is more meritorious at home.

We humbly seek your co-operation and understanding in the administration of the above arrangements. Please keep safe and observe all appropriate health precautions.

Jazakumullahu khairan
Executive Committee – Islamic Society of ACT (ISACT)

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