About Us

To provide a platform for the Muslim Community to promote a general understanding of Islam, to assist Muslims in the practice of Islamic faith by providing for their social, moral and spiritual needs, to foster and promote social contact and co-operation among Muslims and other communities for the betterment of all, and to facilitate the propagation of the Islamic faith in the A.C.T. region by undertaking religious, social and cultural activities.

To preserve, promote and safeguard the religious, social, cultural and educational interests of Muslims.

To represent the Muslim Community in meetings, forums and conferences.

To establish educational, economic, financial, social and other institutions to fulfill the needs of the Muslim Community.

To facilitate the performance of Muslim civil ceremonies according to Islamic Shariah and principles.

To conduct, facilitate and manage all activities in accordance with the Glorious Qur’an and the authentic traditions of the last and final Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

To co-operate with other organisations in all matters, which serve the interest of Islam, Muslims in particular, and in general, on matters permitted by Islam that are in the interest of the wider Australian community.


Committee Members
President Abdul Hakim 0431 318 005
Vice President Khalid Yamin 0417 272 041
Secretary Zikrun Badri 0414 945 786
Assistant Secretary Hasan Shafi 0407 107 079
Treasurer Abdullah Adam 0426 882 903
Committee Member Imran Butt 0422 227 390
Committee Member Muhummad Waseem 0412 780 978
Committee Member Jalall Nozhat 0401 762 764
Committee Member Malik Mazaydeh 0401 879 704
Email secretary@isact.org.au