Arabic Resources

Arabic Online Resources

  • Fundamentals of Classical Arabic – an excellent set of resources, with pdf documents and accompanying audio – site
  • Translation of and discussions on one of the best books of Nahw (Arabic grammar) – site
  • Word-for-word translation of the precious words of The Qur’an – site
  • 80% of Arabic words in The Book of Allaah – excellent resources for studying and interactive self-testing – site. See also here and here
  • Qur’an is the best way to learn classical Arabic, and tajweed (correct pronunciation of the Qur’an) is the best way to learn the classical pronunciation of Arabic. A great website for healping learn Tajweed – site
  • Comprehensive set of textual, audio, and video resources for learning Arabic – site
  • A rich set of learning Arabic for English-speakers – site
  • Advice, and many links online resources, for learning Arabic site
  • Good set of books for learning Arabic, with descriptions of the resources in English – site
  • The 99 Names of Allaah (SWT) – site
  • A book used in Arabic course in Deakin University, Melbourne: Ahlan wa Sahlan: Functional Modern Standard Arabic for Beginners – site
  • A detailed book for learning Arabic, but will require a teacher or good Arabic-speaker to help learn from this – site

Arabic Dictionaries

  • Al-Mawrid Arabic-English Dictionary – site
  • Hans Wehr Dictionary – site
  • Links to many dictionaries – from Arabic to Arabic, English, Urdu, and Bengali – site

Formal Arabic programs in Canberra

  • Extensive and formal Arabic program in ANU, offered by the Centre for Arab & Islamic Studies, ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences – site
  • A shorter Arabic course offered by ANU, in conjunction with AMENA (Australia Middle East North Africa Centre)-