SMS Notification Service

The SMS Notification Service is used to notify subscribers of the start of Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr, Janazah (funeral) and other messages that can only be sent with short notice.

To register, please follow the instructions below. For any enquires or registration changes please send an email to


To register to the SMS notification service, send an empty email to, with the mobile number in the subject line. Please ensure there a no spaces, dashes or any other characters, just the 10-digit mobile number.

Registrations are normally confirmed within 24 hours via email. You may register more than one number by emailing additional registrations but ensure that you only have one mobile number per email.

Step 1:
Address the Email to:
Step 2: Put Your Mobile Number in the Subject. No spaces or dashes.
Step 3: Leave the message body empty.

Click here for detailed instructions.