How to Perform Hajj

Date: Friday, 5 September 2014
Time: After Isha prayer
Location: Canberra Mosque, 130 Empire Circuit, Yarralumla
Speaker: Imam Mohammed Swaiti

Do you have Niyyah (intention)?  Do you have questions or concerns? On Friday, 5 September 2014 (after Isha), the Imam will deliver a presentation on “How to Perform Hajj” at the Canberra Mosque.

Whether or not you are going to Hajj this year, or what ever Hajj group you may be travelling with, or if you just want to know a little more about Hajj, ALL are welcome.   The Imam will describe the various rites and rituals that need to be performed for Hajj but will also cover the pratical aspects of performing Hajj by giving an insight of what to expect when millions of Muslims travel at the same time to make the pilgrimage.

Arrangements will be in place for both Brothers and Sisters.

Organised by the Islamic Society of Australian Capital Territory (ISACT).

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