Daily Qur’aan Quiz Competition with prizes offered

Qur’aan quiz competition will be held every night starting 8 July during the Taraweeh break inshaaAllaah.

Qur’aan quiz competition rules and conditions:

1. Qur’aan competition question for the day will inshaaAllaah be provided by Shaykh Mohammed al-Qahtani (along with translation) during the break after 4 rakaat of Taraweeh prayers. The queation will be dispalyed on the screens as well as posted on the ISACT website daily at 8pm (isact.org.au). The previous day’s answer will also be displayed.

2. The question will be related of the verses recited during taraweeh on the day. Paying attention to the recitation will advantageous to the contestant.

3. The competition entrants will have the opportunity to research the question overnight.

4. The answers will need to be submitted in the boxes provided – there will be box each for brothers and sisters at the masjid entry.

5. Entries will close at 7.15pm just before ‘ishaa’ jama’ah and the boxes will be collected then.

6. First correct answer drawn will receive a prize.

7. There will be one prize each for brothers and sisters daily.

8. Only one entry per person allowed.

9. Children are strongly encouraged to participate.

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