Lecture – Winners or Losers?

Topic: “Winners or Losers?” Having spending some time in this world, its now time to check how are we tracking. Are we confident to be a winner or a loser? Let us assess our conduct in light of the Qur’an, the Criterion … before it is too late!

Lecturer: Shaykh Safwan Dadoun comes from a Lebanese background but grew up in Sydney where he has been learning with the Ulema and lecturing on various Islamic topics in various Masajid and Madarsah in Sydney. Also an attendee of GYIC, this young Sheikh is very good to listen to and is well regarded with his speaking power, delivering his lectures with energy in a somewhat nontraditional way.

Date: Saturday, 16 March 2013
Time: After Maghrib prayer
Location: Canberra Mosque, 130 Empire Circuit, Yarralumla
Speaker: Shaykh Safwan Dadoun (Sydney)

Bring your families and friends. Light refreshments will be provided

Organised by the Islamic Society of Australian Capital Territory (ISACT).

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