Masjid activities during Ramadaan 2015/1436AH

Activities during Ramadhaan 2015/1436


·         Iftaar and suhoor every day – bring a plate to share

·         ‘Isha’/ Taraweeh prayers starting at 7.15pm every night with Shaykh Mohammed al-Qahtani from Saudi Arabia

·         Fajr prayers and Qur’aan classes until sunrise with Shaykh Mohammed al-Qahtani

·         I’tikaaf starting 7 July (to enter the masjid before sunset) – including facilities for sisters

·         Tahajjud prayers daily starting 8 July from 3.30am-4.30am

·         Zakaat-al-Fitr and Zakaat-al-Maal can be paid to representatives at the masjid from National Zakaat Foundation, Charity Australia, and Human Appeal International.

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