Masjid Evening Activities – on hold until after Ramadaan


We have a new updated program of activities (TIMETABLE 2015) that are being run at the Canberra Masjid after ‘Isha’ prayer:
Friday: Evolution of Fiqh (starting 17 Apr) by Sh Furqan Jabbar
Saturday: Studying Kitab al-Tawheed  by Sh Furqan Jabbar
SSunday: Qur’aan classes (Memorisation) by Br Ali Omar (brothers only) – all ages
SMonday: Understanding Qur’aan (Arabic learning) by Br Ashraf Ezzat (brothers only) – all ages
Tuesday: Qur’aan classes (Recitatiom and Tajweed) by Br Hashim (brothers) & Umm Ahmed (sisters) – all ages
Tuesday: ‘Aqeedah series by Brs Asharaf Ezzat/ Anas Mazaydeh (brothers only)
Wednesday: TBA by Sh Furqan Jabbar (Seerah course now complete)

Please register you interest by sending an Email to, using the Feedback Form or contacting any member of the Executive Committee (see Contact Us page). Alternatively, you can attend on the day to register.

Organised by the Islamic Society of Australian Capital Territory (ISACT).

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