Ramadan 1445AH / 2024 Newsletter


Rulings on offering Jumu’ah (Friday) prayers

Published: 2 Sha’ban 1441 AH / 26 March 2020

Given that the Canberra Masjid is closed until further notice, the advice from the Imam is to pray four raka’at Dhuhr by yourselves in your places. This is based on the Shafa’ee madhab he adheres to which requires a minimum of 40 people to hold […]

Prayer Timetable for Ramadan 1439AH

The orignal prayer timetable for Ramadan 1439AH was based on the month starting Wednesday, 16 May 2018.  With the announcement of the start of Ramadan being Thursday, 17 May 2018, the dates on the original timetable are out by one day. 

If you wish to obtain a corrected copy of the prayer timetable you can […]

Hosting iftaars at the masjid

If you are interested in hosting an iftaar during Ramadan at the Canberra Masjid for the brothers & sisters attending the masjid, please contact Br Abdul Hakim or Br Khalid Yamin to ensure there are no clashes.

The Ramadan Effect

The primary motivation of the Muslim fast is to worship God. From this spring many other benefits, including: enhancing empathy for those who are in need; positive health effects as noted by many health professionals, and overall improved sense of psychological well-being. That is why for centuries Muslims have anticipated Ramadan like a dear guest, […]

Being Shaped by Ramadan

At this time when we experience occasions, of much sorrow and some contentment, we sense the promise in the advent of Ramadan, the month of mercy and forgiveness. In the climate of this month of light, we feel both spring and autumn at the same time in our inner worlds, seasons of lovely expectations and […]

Ramadan is here

The blessed month of Ramadan is here again. Hundreds of millions of Muslims will fast for a month. They will abstain from eating or drinking from dawn to dusk. They will stand for hours in prayers each night to remember their Lord and express their gratitude to Him, seek His forgiveness and aspire to come […]

The month of Quran

Before it came to be known as the month of Fasting, the companions of the Prophet knew Ramadan as a month of the Quran, the last and ever lasting divine guidance to humanity. “The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Quran, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs for the guidance and the […]